Can I park an RV on the property?

We strongly recommend reaching out to the county directly for clarity. Many counties allow RVs to occupy a property for a specified period, usually within the range of 30 to 90 days. A special permit may be required though, and depending on the county's rules, there might be specific guidelines about waste disposal during the time frame.

While building a house on the land, can I live in my RV?

Whether you can live in your RV while building a house on your land can heavily depend on the local regulations.

While some jurisdictions may not allow living full time in an RV even on your own land, others may permit it while building. You'll want to call the zoning department to find out. Their contact can be found in the property listing.

If I buy this property, do I have to build right away?

Absolutely not. As the rightful landowner, you have the liberty to keep the property untouched

What is a "building time limit"?

"Building time limit" pertains to the defined period for completing construction after it starts, not after land purchase. This is common in Home Owners Associations to prevent depreciating property values due to long-term incomplete structures. The specific limit often depends on the building permit issued by the local county.

The property doesn't have an assigned address. How should I describe the location to the county for questions?

Each property listing page shows two important things: the Assessor Parcel Number (APN) and the Legal Description. When you're talking about a piece of land that's out in the country, empty, or not built on yet, you'll use one of these details to help the County people know exactly which property you're talking about.

What are the steps to get utilities linked to the property?

You or the person who is helping you build need to get in touch with the local utility company.


Are you a real estate agent?

No, we own all the land we're selling. Since we don't involve any middlemen, we cut down costs a lot. That means we can sell you great land at lower prices, making it easier for anyone to afford.

How does the buying process work?

What is the $249 document fee for?

A couple reasons…

First, because we do not assume the average person can or would want to charge multiple thousands of dollars on one of their credit cards at one time, we use the earnest money deposit as a way for a buyer to initiate the transaction and claim the property without having to deal with the headache of declined payments or personally calling their credit card company to authorize the charge. After we have your deposit we will contact you about your preferred way of funding the remaining balance – whether that be additional credit card charges, a wire transfer or a cashier’s check.

Second, in situations where a property is of a particularly high dollar value (say, over $10,000) we encourage our buyers to close through a Title/Escrow company. This company is a third-party intermediary who will handle both the conveyance of the property as well as the disbursement of funds. In addition, they investigate and insure the title history of the property. That said, this is typically a protracted process which can take a month or longer before you are asked to fund the remaining balance. During that time, we are not getting paid for the land and we’re also not able to sell it to anyone else. Before beginning that process we ask for an Earnest Money Deposit to demonstrate that the buyer is, in fact, serious and committed to purchasing the property.

In short, the five hundred dollar deposit is used both as an easy way for a buyer to initiate transactions as well as to demonstrate their commitment to purchasing the land.

Once I make the $249 document fee, how long do I have to make the remaining balance on the property?

If you’re electing to close outside of escrow and plan to simply pay us with a credit card, wire transfer or cashiers’ check, we’ll want the balance paid within a reasonable amount of time. Say five days. 

If you’re electing to close through a title company, the remaining balance will not be due until close of escrow, roughly thirty days later or whenever the title company completes their work. Whichever comes first.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

If you're feeling a bit unsure about buying from us, we totally get it. Here's an idea: let's use a title or escrow company. They're like a middleman who makes sure everything is fair. They'll handle the property transfer and your money.

But, keep in mind, using a title company comes with some additional costs, and as the buyer, you'd be responsible for those.

Before we go ahead with all of this, we would need a written agreement of the sale between you (the buyer) and us (the seller). And to make sure we're both serious about this, we'd need a non-refundable document fee of $249 before we start getting the paperwork ready and work with the title company.

Do you pay for title insurance?

No. When we buy a property, we take care of paying for the title insurance. So, when we sell a property, we'd like the buyer (which could be you!) to do the same.

Can I read the contract before I make the $249 document fee?

Absolutely. If you wish to finance, click here.

If you wish to pay in full, click here.


What is your refund policy on properties that are paid in cash?

Our policy is pretty simple: we don't give refunds.

We hope that before you buy land from us, you've done all the checks you need to, like visiting the site, talking with the people who handle local rules, or getting price estimates from local businesses. But, if you didn't do these checks and find out that the land isn't right for you, we can't give your money back.

You can always sell the property on your own through a real estate agent, or even just posting about it on social media sites like Craigslist or Facebook. Then, you might even end up making more money than you spent.

Will you issue a refund on the $249 document fee if I change my mind?

Nope, the document fee is non-refundable for a reason.

Once you make the document fee on a property, we remove it from our website and other listing sites. We write up contracts, open escrow, and let other buyers know the land is sold. All of this takes time and effort, and we can't simply give that away.

What if I change my mind on a financed property?

We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for all Owner Financed properties.

If you decide within 60 days of signing your contract that the property isn't exactly what you were looking for, then we will refund all payments except for our doc fee—and take back the property.


Can I put the land in a family member's name?

Sure, think of it like a gift. If you want to buy a piece of land for your younger brother or sister, you can. Only the person selling the land needs to sign anything. Your brother or sister doesn't have to sign anything to own the land, just like they don't have to sign anything to receive a birthday gift. So, even if they are not old enough to sign a contract, you can still buy the land for them.

Can I buy land from you if I am not an American citizen?

Yes, land in the United States can be purchased by anyone.

How long will it be until I receive my deed?

From start to finish this process usually takes about three weeks.


Do you offer financing on every property?

Yes! We do.

I can place a larger down payment than you have advertised, what terms can I get?

We're open to discussing various aspects, such as down payments, monthly payments, and duration. The larger the down payment, the cheaper the overall price will be.

When do I become the owner on the deed if I financed?

Ty-Leigh Capital will transfer the property deed into the buyer's name only after receiving all payments for the property.