Vacant Land Referral Program

Ty-Leigh Capital extends an exceptional referral program tailored for vacant land enthusiasts. When you refer any property transaction to Ty-Leigh Capital, whether it's an existing Ty-Leigh Capital client or not, you become a vital part of our referral network. Our referral program, a testament to the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, comprises individuals who choose to join forces with us for all their vacant land needs based on the recommendations of others.

Get rewarded for referring land buyers

Buyer Financing:

If the referred buyer chooses to finance the property purchase, the referrer will receive a fixed referral fee of $249. This amount will be paid to the referrer upon successful completion of the sale.

Cash Purchase:

If the referred buyer opts to pay for the land in cash, the referrer will receive a percentage-based referral fee. The percentage will be calculated based on the total purchase price of the land. The exact percentage can vary depending on the value of the land and the program terms, but it is typically within the range of 1% to 3%. The referrer will receive this percentage of the purchase price as their referral reward, and it will be paid upon successful completion of the sale.

Referral Form